LD 30 Candidate Attendees

Arizona Legislative District 30


Republican Candidate:

Senator Frank Antenori (meet and greet)


From his webpage:

"My Fellow Arizonans,

I have a basic philosophy that I adhere to: Freedom and Liberty come first!

That philosophy has been forged by growing up in a traditional American family, attending public school and college, decades of hard work, fighting to preserve freedom and liberty as a soldier and my experience as a husband and father of two sons.

Most of all, when it comes to those key issues effecting our state, I’ll base my decisions on what you, the people, will tell me in the coming months of this campaign and hopefully over the coming years as I serve you in the Legislature.

Democratic Candidate:

Todd Camenisch


From his website:

" My experience in working in a nonpartisan environment on the school board convinced me that engaging all stakeholders (including parents and nonparents) allowed us to make the best decisions for our schools and community. We have been able to preserve our shared values and make the best decisions for the students. A similar environment needs to be established at the Capitol. We deserve a legislator who respects the people of LD30 and who will make informed decisions for our communities. I believe I can represent southern Arizona because I care about the people, the shared values and the quality of life that makes us distinct from Phoenix. It is time to restore representative Democracy to Arizona."

House of Representatives

Democratic Candidate

Andrea Dalessandro


From her website:

You deserve an independent voice to be your representative. I will not be a puppet for those in Phoenix

•I know that we can do better for our children and families.

•I know that we can do better for our veterans.
•I know that we can do better for our senior citizens.
It was my honor to be a candidate for Legislative District 30 Representative in 2008. Starting with zero name recognition and with the help of so many, I received 48,966 votes which set the record for votes received in Arizona for state Representative by any candidate of my party. Families and the future of Arizona are more important than any political party and I look forward to serving you in the years ahead with Sound Policy over Politics.
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